Moderate NW ground swell is due Thursday into Friday. KWGA/Equatorial Surface Wind Analysis (KWGA - Kelvin Wave Generation Area - The area 5 degrees north and south of the equator from 170W to 135E) Still some fun sized surf out there as that south swell eases and hangs in there, and more short-period NW swell shows. Just a minor mix of south swell and NW windswell expected. Just a minor mix of south swell and NW windswell expected. All told, west facing breaks are looking at chest to at times head high sets Monday the 1st, and then more consistently head high Tuesday the 2nd. Over the next 72 hours swell from two weather systems are to be in play (see Kuril Island Gale and Gulf Gale below). NW wind 20 ktveering to N after midnight. Kelvin Wave Generation Area wind monitoring model: West and East, CFSv2 3 month forecast for 850 mb winds, MJO, Rossby etc - Alternate link. Swell NW 6 ft. Swell from it is poised for Hawaii. There are also options to display live wind observations from ships, wave buoys and weather stations on the wave maps in the Global-Pacific region. 218 AM PDT Mon May 1 2023. Friday the 6th as a combo of both Southern Hemi and WNW groundswell build to a peak. A steady decline set in after that falling to -1.00 degs in Aug and Sept rising to -0.8 degs mid Oct then falling to -1.0 in Nov but then slowly rising to -0.75 degs in Jan 2023 and up to -0.5 degs above the La Nina threshold on 2/12. Swell DIrection: 306-309 degrees, North CA: Expect swell arrival on Sat (2/26) building to 3.4 ft @ 20 secs late (7.0 ft). Wind Size is expected to drop off a touch as both south swell and WNW swell slowly ease. Chance of Wind waves 1 to 3 ft. W swell 6 ft at 11 seconds. The 30 day average was rising at -1.20 after falling to -4.13 on 4/4 (lagging indicator driven by the Active Phase of the MJO) after falling to -0.52 on 3/22 previously falling to +4.18 on 11/27 and peaking at +21.57 (10/16) after supposedly peaking at +19.66 on 9/28. Swell is tracking north. But by later in Feb 2022 perhaps a return to a more normal pattern might take hold. Chevrerie and Cow La Petite Brosse. Thursday the 4th looks about waist high everywhere, but with NW ground swell filling in, running up to chest high later in the day at west facing spots. For automatic notification of forecast updates, subscribe to the Stormsurf001 YouTube channel - just click the 'Subscribe' button below the video. 12 ft at 12 seconds. Fall/Winter 2022 = 4.0 (California & Hawaii) The main swells in the water are going to be an overlapping pair of Southern Hemisphere swells, with the new one showing bigger sets late. Down south a small gale developed east of New Zealand pushing northeast Thurs-Sat (4/29) producing up to 37 ft seas aimed well north. Warming was occurring off of Peru out to 130W. Previous - Temps rose in early Nov 2020 after bottoming out at -1.25 degs, up to -0.01 degs in mid-June 2021 then fading to -1.05 degs in mid-Nov then rebuilding to -0.7 in mid Feb 2022 then fading to -1.1 degs in May before starting an upward climb peaking in mid-June at -0.65 degs and mid July at -0.55 degs. The net result is we're currently thinking a near normal number of swells with normal size and duration is to result, but all focused sometime after Jan 2023. Sea Level Anomalies: (4/23) Sea heights were positive across the equatorial Pacific connected to the East Pacific at +5-10 cms over the entirety of it's width with a pocket of +10 cms in the west and a pocket of +10-20 cms in the east extending north of Panama and south to Chile. Swell 000 fzps40 phfo 010302 hsfsp high seas forecast national weather service honolulu hi 0530 utc mon may 01 2023 superseded by next issuance in 6 hours seas given as significant wave height.which is the average height of the highest 1/3 of the waves. Summer is slightly less consistent but still excellent by most standards. Swell W 5 to 6 ft. FRI A slow dissolving of La Nina started in March 2021 with 2 Kelvin Waves sweeping east and arriving over the Galapagos in June. You can customize the wave and wind maps with overlays for wind arrows, pressure and general weather for surfing. By Nathan Cool. Overview: In 2019 warm equatorial waters were fading, and by August a tongue of cool water was tracking west on the equator from Ecuador over the Galapagos reaching to a point nearly south of Hawaii. Mon AM (2/28) the gale is to be just off British Columbia with 30-35 kt west winds and seas 25 ft at 47N 133W. Which could be a fun morning may turn out a bit choppy. Amazing. Small swell is radiating south from it. Stennis Space Center, MS, 39529 TODAY By April 2020 a cool pool was starting to build, forming a well defined cool tongue that evolved into La Nina, with it fully developing through July 2020. During the Active Phase in the Pacific the MJO tends to support the formation of stronger and longer lasting gales resulting in enhanced potential for the formation of swell producing storms. Current marine weather and wave analysis plus forecast conditions for the next 72 hours. On Sat AM (4/29) 40-45 kt northwest winds are forecast building well off the Pacific Northwest with seas 24 ft at 44.5N 142W aimed southeast. South Pacific Animations: Jetstream - Surface Pressure/Wind - Sea Height - Surf Height, LONG-TERM FORECAST Protected breaks were waist high and soft and mushed but fairly ragged and warbled. A chance of rain in the morning then rain likely in the afternoon. Fetch fading on Thurs AM (3/3) form 45 kts over the dateline with 38 ft seas at 44.75N 178.5W aimed east. Swell fading Tues (5/9) from 1.7 ft @ 13-14 secs (2.0-2.5 ft). 218 AM PDT Mon May 1 2023. 45154 /45520. The 6 departments of the region of Centre are: Cher (18), Eure-et-Loir (28), Indre (36), Indre-et-Loire (37), Loir-et-Cher (41), Loiret (45) Inhabitants of Centre were 2 440 329 in 1999 and 2 519 567 in 2006. The degree of swell exposure, to storms from both the North and South Pacific mean year-round swell. Fetch fading in the evening from 35 kts and lifting north with seas 31 ft at 45N 176W aimed east. Swell NW 5 to 6 ft. This system is to fade from there. Conditions still dont look favorable but that could change. Overview East winds up to 15 mph . Select from the other forecast maps (on the right) to view the temperature, cloud cover, wind and precipitation for this country on a large scale with animation. Cooler than normal waters were also south of that line down to 20S though losing coverage and intensity. Saturday looks clearer and warmer so far. SHORT- TERM FORECAST Fetch fading in the evening from 35 kts with seas 24 ft at 42.5N 151.25W aimed east. Warmer than normal waters were aligned from 3N and above over the entire North Pacific. W wind 5 ktbacking to SW in the afternoon, then This feature requires a Premium Membership. It was down to +6.89 on 7/29. As for totals, there's a wide spread on the models and spotty amounts to boot. Here's the sat-shot from above to save you from scrolling (image from NOAA GOES): This will bring a period of cool, showery weather Monday the 1st through Thursday the 4th, with most of the precip likely Wednesday night into Thursday. The two have conspired to produce a thick morning marine layer with burn-off not likely at the coast today, with max beach temps struggling to reach the low 60s. Marine weather and forecast conditions 3-10 days into the future. View accurate wind, swell and tide forecasts for any GPS point. But by later in Jan or early Feb 2023 a return to a more normal pattern might take hold. The status of the PDO is not known, though it appears to be returning to at least a neutral state, rather than the warm phase as previously projected thereby having no significant positive or negative effect on the long term outlook. Tuesday the 9th, so far, looks smaller, about waist high everywhere. This model suggests a transition to El Nino. Otherwise no swell producing weather systems are forecast). The KWGA is located on the equator from 135E-170W and 5 degs north and south (or on the equator from New Guinea east to the dateline). See QuikCASTs for the 5 day surf overview or read below for the detailed view. Swell should be angled from around 305-315 with periods 14 seconds from the ground swell and 8-10 seconds from wind swell. N wind 20 to 25 kteasing to 10 to 15 kt in the Wave forecasts are available for a number of sub-regions of Australian waters using the high resolution Auswave Regional model. NW wind 5 ktveering to E after midnight. Within 360 nautical miles west of F1 from 50S 160E to 55S 162E: Westerly 25kt, with storms and gales as in warning 471, heavy westerly swell. Meteorological Overview Hi-res Overview: (2/23) The magnitude of the core of the La Nina cool pool is gone. This index is a lagging indicator but suggests that the Active Phase occurring now is starting to drive the index down, hopefully with no upward trend in sight for at least a year. Swell NW 4 to 5 ft. PZZ356-011600 During the winter months, north-west swells propagate down from the Pacific with south-west swells dominating for the rest of the year. No tropical systems of interest are being monitored at this time. Long Range Forecast Activity in the South and North Pacific look to die down a lot compared to our action-packed week of swell. Gidy ( French pronunciation: [idi]) is a commune in the Loiret department in north-central France . In the evening fetch was fading from 30 kts approaching the dateline with seas 29 ft near at 40N 173E. No cool waters were on the equator anymore. NW wind swell is becoming possible for the 10th-11th. And Sea Surface Temperatures are warming to neutral. A previous core of cooler water near the Galapagos (the core of La Nina) is gone. See it Here Something to monitor. Updated most Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, Sunday Apr. . gusty north winds. 40. Fetch and seas fading quickly after that. Swell is pushing towards California. Mostly the same story as of late. Coastal Waters Forecast. A geomagnetic storm has the potential to produce aurora borealis over the Northern Hemisphere from Sunday evening into Monday morning, with some states along the US-Canadian border . In Southern California/Ventura waves were up to waist high and lined up with decent form and clean but soft. Anomalies were neutral over the East equatorial Pacific and neutral over the Central Pacific and moderate east over the KWGA. Steve Shearer (freeride76) Wednesday, 26 April 2023. This will result in more peaks to be had throughout the forecast, with size a few notches smaller than what were expected to see over the weekend.