Policy Analysis

Our Policy Team aims to generate policy assets that will support the advancement of global menstrual health rights. It is led by Dr Jennifer Martin, a Scottish menstrual health rights activist, researcher, and the Global Director of Pandemic Periods.

The policy analysts searched for the publicly available statements and implementation policies of each of the 32 Scottish Local Authorities via their websites. They specifically focused on implementation plans, civil society engagement, consultation of the local community and vulnerable populations (people experiencing homelessness, illicit drug users, the LGBTQIA+ community, asylum seekers, incarcerated people, people who do not speak English as their first language, ethnic minority groups, and people with disabilities).

Pandemic Periods sent a copy of this as a direct action and shares each report with high-level menstrual health actors to encourage them to further support, finance, and discussions around menstrual health. 

Disclaimer: These reports are presented by Pandemic Periods. They are independent analyses based on publicly available data. We acknowledge the limitations of analysing publicly available data and welcome feedback to strengthen the report in the next iteration. 

Our Policy Team

Dr Jenni Martin

Global Director, Pandemic Periods

Sylvie Wilson
United States of America

Policy Analyst, Pandemic Periods

Huynh Nguyen Anh Mai (Mai Huynh)

Policy Analyst, Pandemic Periods

Lena Fonteyne

Policy Analyst, Pandemic Periods

Metti Temesgen

Policy Analyst, Pandemic Periods

Tolulope (Tolu) Ilori
United States of America

Policy Analyst, Pandemic Periods

These reports were edited by Dr. Karan Babbar, Courtney Carson, and Regan Moss