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Pandemic Periods presents an innovative and neoteric thought leadership platform that is co-designed to elevate the voices of researchers, advocates, communications specialist, healthcare workers, community facilitators, policymakers, and activist that are driving the menstrual health agenda in their context. We welcome submissions that apply rights-based approaches and an intersectional lens to offer a unique perspective on menstrual health and period poverty.

According to the UNFPA,

Thailand’s Leap in Period Equity

In  November 2022, Thailand hosted the International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP) which had the theme of Family Planning and Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Since

Submission Guidelines
  1. Blogs must offer a unique perspective on menstrual health in the context go gender equality, WASH, emergencies, conflict, decolonisation, crisis, education, SRHR, public health, global, national, or local policy, community-driven programmes, or grassroots advocacy initiatives.  
  2. Blogs must be 900-1,200 words in length – References must be embedded via hyperlinks.
  3. Information on co-authors must be submitted – full name, affiliations, & relevant Twitter handles.
  4.  Blogs can have no more than five authors – there must be ONLY one corresponding author.
  5.  Authorship must be regionally balanced.
  6. priority will be given to authors from low- to middle-income countries. 
  7.  Publication is at the discretion of the Pandemic Periods Editorial Team. 

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