Menstrual health is a public health and human rights issue, published by Lancet Public Health

|read original post| Before the COVID-19 pandemic, of the 1·9 billion individuals who menstruate, an estimated 500 million were unable to attain menstrual health. 1 Achieving menstrual health is fundamental to the equality, rights, and dignity of all individuals who menstruate. Nonetheless, menstrual health is still not considered a priority by all. As the COVID-19 […]

Mexico, single-use plastic bans and period poverty, published by Gender and COVID-19

|read original post| The United Nations Generation Equality Forum took place in Mexico City just a few weeks ago. It advocated for a raft of gender responsive policies and transformative programmes. Meanwhile people who menstruate in Mexico are experiencing period poverty. They don’t have the resources to buy basic menstrual hygiene products, and now they […]

Pandemic Periods, published by International Health Policy

|read original post| In the run-up to International Women’s Day 2021, and in light of recent gains made in the global menstrual justice policy space, we present the Pandemic Periods Collective – who are on a mission to elevate the voices of those experiencing period poverty during COVID-19.  As we enter the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, and […]